Manchester by the Sea

Finalized 80 VFX shots for “Manchester by the Sea”

The film is scheduled to release on the Sundance festival in January 2016 and is selected by Vulture as a must see.

The Guardian selected this feature as #3 on “The 75 films we’re most excited about in 2016”

“Written & directed by Oscar nominated Kenneth Lonergan. The new feature is about a man who returns to his small hometown Massachusetts to deal with both his estranged wife and the consequences of his brother’s death.

A man is forced to take care of his nephew after the boy’s father dies. This is the bare outline of Kenneth Lonergan’s new film, a drama that stars Casey Affleck as the uncle who shoulders the burden of childcare, while at the same returning to his Massachusetts hometown and attempting to make peace with his ex-wife, played by Michelle Williams. Lonergan is respected as an auteur after his critically adored Margaret struggled to get a proper release after a colossal row over editing and ownership.”