De Storm


Director: Ben Sombogaart
DOP: Piotr Kukla
Production: Ronald Versteeg & Joris van Wijk


Friday the 11th of september 2009 the film De Storm had its world premiere in Vlissingen. De Storm is the latest film of Ben Sombogaart, which tells about the flood in 1953 in Holland, Zeeland. HecticProjeX, the collaboration between AVP, HecticElectric and HecticParis achieved a tremendous amount of work in a very short notice. A lot of the water shots has been created in full CG. The full opening shot, a shot of more than 30 seconds, has been created in CG. HecticProjeX has developed a special technical pipeline to be able to produce the necessary shots in the amount of time available. A significant part of the compositing is done in Scratch. The interactive way of adding rain, fog and spray on most of the shots in film continuity, was only possible in this online environment. VFX supervisor Raphael Kourilsky was responsible for all visual effects. Colorist Gyorgy Balatoni was responsible for the grading. HecticProjeX and its complete team is proud of the final result. The result is the sum of all efforts of all operators, as well as the people from NL Film.