Kill Switch

A visual orgy of swirling clouds, blue energy beams, drones, and lots and lots of particles (all seen through a first-person lens), this movie is as ambitious as it is novel.

Hectic Electric was asked to provide a dazzling amount of this work, as we took upon us a lot of extremely complex and long scenes with all the aforementioned elements. We had to think economically about the limited time and CPU cycles in order to get everything modeled, textured, simulated, lit, rendered and composited in time. It was a great help that Director Tim Smit, being no stranger to VFX himself was able to provide some of the assets.

After a hell of a lot of sweat, tears and all-nighters, our team has expressed a lot of love and dedication for a film that encompasses the sci-fi / videogame theme that we all love, and stages all this marvelous action in a city that we are all so familiar with: Amsterdam.